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facebook: "Whoa, hold the nursing and give them more suggestive ads."

Why is this:

More sexually explicit than this?:

The first picture was removed by facebook a few days ago. The other is one of many ads (and photos) that facebook allows (or gets money from!), and continues to harass people who aren’t interested in prostitutes. What is up with our standards? facebook has been pulling pictures of mothers nursing their babies to make it a comfortable place for “everyone” to go, but yet they do nothing about the countless suggestive ads (like the one above, which is for a dating site–yes, a “real” dating site)? Here is an article that addresses their policy. It is not just facebook either. The media gets away with all kinds of material that is supposed to by “child” friendly… what about the above ad is child friendly? But gosh, if a woman’s breast is shown in the context of nursing, then it’s taken down? Aren’t a lot of these children still nursing anyway?
Perhaps breastfeeding babies cannot afford to be airbrushed, nor do they bring in the same revenue of more obscene content.
I don’t have a problem with facebook specifically. They can set whatever rules they want to, no matter how ridiculous or inconsistent. It is our society that has produced these backwards standards.