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One of the reasons why I voted for Obama

“Barack Obama has an ability to be friends with people he disagrees with.”

What an idea!

Conservatives may find it pandering, liberals may be mortally offended, but I like Obama’s choice of Evangelical Pastor Rick Warren to give the prayer at his inauguration.¬†Perhaps some people are peeved by his choice, but it makes me proud to support our new President. We live in a pluralistic society. We often disagree on major issues, and the President has the job of uniting all of us. We all have differences of opinion, and sometimes they’re pretty big. I believe we can always find some common ground, however. While Obama and Warren obviously do not agree on gay rights (nor do I), how can we really claim to¬†believe in diversity if we don’t accept those who don’t accept us?

Perhaps liberals can embrace Obama’s efforts, and truly become the party of tolerance:
And if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye more than others? do not even the [Re]publicans so?