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Need your input on Love!

I’m writing a paper on the history of love, looking at traditional views and comparing it with the view of love through an adult attachment lens.

Here is a brief outline for my paper…

This paper will trace the origins of romantic love and attachment-related concepts throughout history, leading up to Darwin, Freud, Lorenz, and others. It will then describe how John Bowlby took these influences and conceptualized attachment theory, and how Mary Ainsworth subsequently validated Bowlby’s hypothesis through her research. The paper will then discuss why childhood attachment came first, what influenced Shaver and Hazan to join the concepts of attachment and romantic love in 1987, and how they put the ideas together. The subsequent boom in adult attachment research, how it has evolved in the last 20 years, and what has been validated by research will then be discussed. Next, the paper will explore alternative current views of adult love and how they compare with adult attachment theory. The different ways adult attachment concepts are being applied today will then be discussed: psychotherapy/couples therapy, interaction with the sexual behavior system, emotion. Finally, future directions for research and application of adult attachment theory will be discussed.

So, what do you think?

If you were to read 35 pages on the history of romantic love, what would you want to know?