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racism, homophobia, and wheelchairs

Is it possible to completely rid oneself of prejudice? It hasn’t been for me.

Despite years of effort, my own covert prejudices still exist. For example, I once had the thought, “what if one of my kids turned out to be bisexual? Well, I would hope they would choose to marry an opposite-sex partner, all other things being equal.” This bothers me. I thought I was done with homophobia.

I’m also covertly racist. Of course, I have many friends of other races and cultures, and I’m reasonably afraid of any scary lookin’ White dudes in a dark alley (not to mention any white people in creepy small towns, thanks to the X-Files), but I can’t say I have been successful in rooting out all covert racism.

Wheelchairs? Well, first I admit I watch Glee. Second, there was an episode where my least favorite character (the one in the wheelchair, of course), had a dream-sequence where he was able to get out of his chair and dance. It was really cool! Only later did I realize I normally hated this character’s songs. Really? Really?

I have a long way to go.

What has helped you to get over your prejudices? Any advice? Be gentle. Please. 🙂