Chris Nolan or: Why I now arrange my DVDs by director

Here is an unnerving (or funny, depending on your personality) 3-minute short film from 1997, by Christopher Nolan (director of Inception and The Dark Knight – his two most recent “films.” I feel funny using the word “film” because it makes it sound like I know what I’m talking about. I have no idea. I just like movies). He did this one in college. Back in the “90’s.” Before we had things like 3D. Oh wait, we had that in 1922…

Back to the clip, “Doodlebug.” A man is trying to squash a bug. That’s the film. Watch it. Watch out for the surprise ending. 🙂

I once had a client who organized her DVD collection by director. Mine was only alphabetical (the tragedy!). I didn’t see her point until I started watching Chris Nolan movies. Of course he had to do something with Batman before I’d pay attention. Doodlebug is his earliest available work… I just bought some of his others. “Following“will be watched this weekend.

My DVDs are now arranged by director. It’s a much cooler (and snobby!) way to watch movies.

Who are your favorite directors? Why?

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3 responses to “Chris Nolan or: Why I now arrange my DVDs by director

  • Mormon Heretic

    I liked Batman, but I’m wondering why you liked this short film. If you’re going to post a short film, it should be better than that–something like “Validated”.

    Here are some directors I like: Spielberg, Lucas, Ridley Scott (I think he’s the Alien director, right?)

    I really don’t like Tim Burton.

  • shenpa warrior

    I didn’t think the short was revolutionary or anything, it was more that it was by the same director, and that he made it while in college or something, on regular film, a few decades ago… Interesting to see his development.

    Yeah I think Scott directed Alien… I’m not a huge Burton fan, although I loved Big Fish. Have you seen that one?

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