13 responses to “The 6 Stages of LOST Fans

  • Andrew

    Stage 0. All the way down to loving Law and Order: SVU. That is my courtroom drama of choice

  • ron

    You got me – I am a “1”. for sure – and a very satisfied 1, at that!

    Although, I am a little jealous of the pic – I am a stage 6 when it comes to trips to Hawaii!

  • josh

    i’m a number 6. absolutely best series ever.

  • Wordsfromhome

    Stage 0. Tried to watch Lost occasionally to see what all the excitement was about. I thought it was convoluted without purpose. And boring. Kind of like a bad dream that you just can’t quite remember in detail but nonetheless leaves you unsettled upon waking. Even watched some of the last episode, but found the newspaper that day more interesting. To each his own I guess.

    • adamf

      “Tried to watch Lost occasionally”

      There’s your first problem. That’s like hearing 2 chords out of some musical masterpiece. Without purpose. And boring. 🙂

  • Sheena

    I’m a total stage 6. Loved, loved, loved it until the closing scene (though I definitely could have done without Nikki and Paulo).

    • adamf

      I dunno, I know everyone loves to hate Nikki and Paulo, but I kinda liked them. The episode was so off and different from the rest of the series, it’s almost like, “Is this even Lost?”

  • INeedACanoe

    Unashamed to proclaim I am true blue STAGE 6! Woohoo:-)

  • symphonyofdissent

    I think you need a category for those stage 6 individuals that were also somewhat disapointed with the ending. I don’t think it ruined the show for me but it was less brilliant than I expected.

    • adamf

      symphony – How about a Likert scale? 🙂

      “The LOST finale was great!”
      Strongly agree
      Neither agree nor disagree
      Strongly disagree

  • rmwarnick

    I could relate to the science fiction elements, but not to the soap opera and quasi-religious mumbo-jumbo. If I have to pick a category, I’ll be Stage 3.

    • adamf

      Yeah, I get that – I know a few people who were probably disappointed with the decidedly spiritual turn things took. I for one am a fan of both quasi-religious mumbo jumbo, and pseudo-scientific mumbo-jumbo, so it worked for me.

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