Let’s be honest…

“What always strikes me is how intelligent we are as human beings, and yet how often we miss this very simple truth: we want happiness but the ways we go about trying to get it cause us to suffer. Whenever you ask yourself why your having a cigarette or why you’re saying a mean word, the answer is usually that in your guts you feel it will bring some satisfaction. Yet, if you ask yourself if what you are doing has ever given you satisfaction, your honest answer would have to be no. Nevertheless, we keep right on doing it. This kind of stupidity seems to run very deep in human beings.” ~Pema Chödrön

Any behavior / choice / moral / habit etc. can be judged on its on merits regarding whether or not it is truly satisfying.

A few things that never fail to satisfy:

  • spending time with my family or close friends
  • playing with my son
  • a moderate amount of exercise
  • enjoying a meal
  • thinking about the things I am grateful for
  • moderately planning for the future
  • conflict that leads to personal growth

A few things that never satisfy me:

  • getting into power struggles with clients or students
  • spending too much time online
  • trying to change other people
  • worrying about the future
  • talking about politics

How about you?

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5 responses to “Let’s be honest…

  • Wordsfromhome

    How true. Every word. It is interesting that some of the things one might try to avoid (exercise, planning, and growth promoting conflict) are the so satisfying once we finish them.
    And the unsatisfying things remind me of a well know and oft published prayer about being granted the strength for what we can change, the serenity in what we cannot change and the wisdom to know the difference.

  • Bravone

    What a great post. I’m going to think about it today and make a few changes. Thanks.

  • salth2o

    I came across a similar truth when I was running- everything that makes us happy/feel good we inheritly do not want to do.

    Eating right
    Reading our scriptures
    Going to bed early
    Serving others
    Brushing our teeth

    It’s bizarre. Granted once you get into the habit of doing these things you become addicted to the feel good- but it’s not inherent in our nature to do things that make us happy.

  • Kendall

    Is anybody out there??? I find it a little concerning that one of my favorite bloggers has dropped off the face of the earth. When can we expect to hear more from the great one?

  • AdamF

    I know, right? What has this world come to?!?!?!?!?

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