POTUS defers to LOST

Just now, I remembered WHY I voted for Obama.

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4 responses to “POTUS defers to LOST

  • salth2o

    You mean attempting to appease to the masses by doing something trivial?

    Yep, that’s your guy.

    Seriously, ABC wouldn’t have changed the premier and it would have been a showdown between the President and LOST and the president knew this was one battle he was going to lose. I know, it’s not like the president gives a speech every week so this was a huge sacrifice, and it’s not like he had this planned for another day but pushed it back in hopes to grandstand and take credit for congress pushing through a POS healthcare bill.

    Yep, that Obama- he’s just a man of the people.

  • salth2o

    Other possible responses to this post:

    I’m glad something reminded you why you voted for the guy.

    Democrats are so easily pleased.

    It’s about time he did something of value.

    Too bad he didn’t make a campaign promise to not oppose LOST, then he’d at least be 1 for 135.

    Obama- weak on terror, strong on mainstream television.

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