New Moon = Transformers + No Shirts

Neither are critically acclaimed movies… and in neither case do the fans care. They both make tons of money. Both have transforming-ish characters.

New Moon is now even in the top 3 of biggest opening weekends, right next to the Dark Knight. Really.

So what is the difference between Transformers and Twilight?

Here it is:

Megan Fox is wearing more clothes than Taylor Lautner.

Also, correct me if I’m wrong (and I know I have readers that like to tell me when I’m wrong), but it seems that Ms. Fox is often called things like “skanky” or “trashy” while Mr. Lautner gets called things like “hottie” or “Mr. amazing 8-pack abs” or “Mr. I wish he was 10 years older.”

No double standard there… nope. Why are women trashy and men heroes? Why can’t they both be equal parts trash and hero? ๐Ÿ˜‰

One thing that Transformers has that is definitely the trump card here though, is Optimus Prime. Maybe if Twilight could fit in Optimus somehow it would get me out on opening weekend.

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8 responses to “New Moon = Transformers + No Shirts

  • salth2o

    Who was the last man you called trashy?

    • AdamF


      Haha, um, not sure what you’re getting at… but how about James Bond? Or, Matthew what’s his name from all the RomComs that never wears shirts?

      Do we need to acknowledge the “trashy” equally across genders or not at all?

  • Tara

    you are spot on mr.f. i am actually truly amazed at how inspired you were just now. not saying you usually aren’t…um, moving on. if you really want that picture of luke, i need your email address. i must admit that i was pretty impressed at my photog skills as well. i won’t say that it was actually a total accident brought on by the only picture taking apparatus i had available–the iphone. it really is magic, isn’t it?

    this was a really smart post…but i still think megan fox is kinda smarmy. i now will also think that taylor is a little on the trashy side as well, even though reading that seems like a sin of some sort. well done

  • tara

    that anonymous one was me. i forgot to insert my name in the slot. why did you leave the familiar comforts of blogger again? sheesh

    Editor’s note: Don’t worry, I fixed it. THAT capability, is one reason why I left blogger. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • adamf

    “even though reading that seems like a sin of some sort”

    Tara, THANK YOU! That is a great new tagline for my blog. “Welcome to my blog, even though reading this seems like a sin of some sort.”

  • Sherpa

    Well, considering I’ve read articles about Megan Fox and Taylor Lautner in Rolling Stone in the past 6 months and well…Megan Fox is trashy while Lautner is beyond Eagle scout. RS was searching, looking for dirt-but Lautner had none. Priests Quorums could’ve given RS more dirt on their members than they could dig up on Taylor Lautner. But Megan Fox had some awesomely ridiculous one liners that I wouldn’t repeat on the internets.

    But um, is your definition of trashy “as little clothes as possible? Then well, we’ve got different definitions.

  • adamf

    Haha Sherpa, actually I agree with you. I was referring to their characters rather than the actual actors… but alas, I only said that in the pictures. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Moccio

    Great site! Keep up the good work!

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