shenpa warrior: The 2,760,016th most popular website in the country!

According to “Alexa: The Web Information Company” there are only 2.76 million sites ahead of me. According to Technorati, shenpa warrior is also the 498,210 most popular blog. Well on my way to making a living in the blogging world! 😉

Another interesting thing on the site was the “search terms” that have brought in the most traffic:

  1. taken movie
  2. shenpa meaning
  3. salt lake trib
  4. eyring caffeine
  5. eyring caffine
  6. takes to satan
  7. wall-e propaganda apple
  8. my geekines knows no bounderies
  9. joseph smith losing case
  10. stop mormon losing faith

Speechless. It seems that most of those are not intentionally looking to read my blog. These are pretty fun though–check out yours! According to my statcounter, over 60% of visitors are also on the site for less than 5 seconds. 🙂


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4 responses to “shenpa warrior: The 2,760,016th most popular website in the country!

  • Steve

    I get a lot of smurf porn and zombie porn searches?!?! Not sure which people scare me more!

  • adamf

    Haha! Wow Steve. That is one case where the combination of the two may not be as scary as either individually.

    I think I better put back the "what is shenpa" link at the top, and perhaps a tribute to Liam Neeson!

  • Papa D

    Hey, Adam, my blog shows up as 1,320,447th. Maybe I should spend some time actively promoting it (*grin*), but I don't even have time any more to blog much on any of the sites I used to frequent.

  • adamf

    Well then, I am graced by your online presence again! 😉

    Not that I have ever been extremely active in the blogging world, but I'm going to have to cut back this fall as well when school starts.

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