Let The Holy Spirit Clean Your Kitchen

I have been working at an agency owned by a religious organization. No problems there. In fact, many of my fellow therapists do not belong to said religion, with no reprisals. We all get along pretty well. It’s a different story in the bathrooms though.

In all the bathrooms there are automatic towel dispensers. I don’t know what brand they are because the logos are all covered up with stickers of the agency’s logo. Fine. I guess they don’t want any advertising. The amusing part is, the normal part of the dispensers that instructs one to “wave your hand here” in order for a towel to come out, have all been covered with stickers that say “Pray ‘N Dry.”


Another employee (who was offended by proxy for all the fellow heretics, as well as those souls receiving counseling services) has pulled the stickers off a few times, but they come right back. Just like the WalMart does in South Park.

What do you think is the purpose of the stickers? Perhaps an object lesson on faith? I.e. if I stick my hand under there, a towel will come out? Or is it a reminder to pray to avoid getting sick? If that were the case the sign ought to be by the soap, as in “bless this soap that it will wash those germs off and I won’t get swine flu!”

Little did I know, some trickster had beaten me to it. I went into a different bathroom at work today, and there was a sticker (obviously home-made) on the soap dispenser that read:

“Receive the Holy Spirit, then wash the @$%&#! out of your hands!”

That sticker made up for all the others. Now when I see “Pray ‘N Dry” not only do my hands dry, but I get a good laugh as well. Thank you Pavlov. You made my day.


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5 responses to “Let The Holy Spirit Clean Your Kitchen

  • Steve

    Maybe it is some take off of "Pull N Pray", ie don't use a towel and pray your hands dry while also saving the environment! haha.

  • Emily

    This calls to mind the restrooms in Shasta Abbey – there was a sign over the sink that said something like "I take the toothbrush that all beings may benefit thereby…" and something about crushing delusion as the toothbrush is crushed in the mouth…I wish I'd written it down. I don't know about all beings benefiting but definitely the beings next to whom one sits zazen could benefit thereby.

  • Happy The Man

    LOL! Why waste water, soap and paper towels when you can just pray your hands clean?

    Also, probably need to wash the @$%&#! out of the hands first as we know the holy ghost can not dwell in the unclean…

  • Happy The Man

    One more thing, I love potty humor (it's a maturity thing). You will most assuredly get a comment from me if you include some form of potty humor in your post đŸ™‚

  • adamf

    Lol Happy! I will try to include some potty humor now and then, along with my biannual post referencing either boobs, gun control, or contraceptives. : )

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