Fun with Deity & Billboards

Not believing in God is the cause of war.

God doesn’t like the Big Bang Theory. I don’t know why. Anyone have an idea?

Which sign came first I wonder…

This one’s a classic. Watch out for that atheist family next door. Their son may shoot you. Then again, I can see their point. If you believe that people are inherently depraved and evil, without God they certainly would turn bad. What’s wrong with believing in God AND the inherent goodness of people?

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10 responses to “Fun with Deity & Billboards

  • derekstaff

    Love the third one. It's actually a pretty clever way to respond to a porn shop.

    But yeah, the first and fourth make me sick. The distorted and bigoted assumption that atheists are amoral is nauseating. And I'm sick and tired of "un- (or anti-) American") epithet being thrown around. It's a dirty attack one resorts to when one has no rational argument.

  • Andrew S

    in Lawton, OK, we used to have "COME TO JESUS" "Beer, Liquor, and Wine."

    The church moved to a different building, and strangely enough, the liquor store next door went out of business shortly thereafter as well.

  • adamf

    Exactly Derek. I wonder if that view of atheists comes from the Calvinist idea that to assume ANY good inherent good qualities in a person takes away from God. I don't understand it, but I have heard that. So therefore, people are evil without God.

    Andrew – Lol, so the church was keeping the beer flowing!

  • Emily

    Hmm. I wish some/a lot of people weren't so mentally and emotionally oppressed by their belief in God. I also wish they wouldn't make up snarky things for him to say. Isn't that technically a violation of Revelation 22:18?

  • adamf

    Haha! Nice. That second billboard is totally adding to scripture. 😉

  • Sherpa

    These are real signs? Seriously?

    That first and fourth sign floor me.

  • CashewElliott/John

    The last sign makes me actually upset. Answers in Genesis, I thought they were a harmless creationist dribble group.

    Atheists don't know how to use guns anyway.

  • davers

    I'm pretty sure that that last one is NOT about Atheism. It doesn't say the shooter doesn't BELIEVE in God … it just says that God doesn't MATTER to him. Big difference there. In fact for him to have an careless opinion about God, he first has to believe in God.

    The billboard is about people who stop caring about what's right and wrong … who've lost their moral compass.

    That said, I still think it's a horrible billboard.

  • adamf

    Interesting point… so perhaps the billboard is saying that the MOST dangerous people are those who believe in God, yet don't care. Could we call them apatheists?

  • Freethinker

    Jeezus is cuming. Argh…..

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