Who doesn’t love hugs?

Who doesn’t need them? Touch and closeness with others is in fact necessary for survival. It also lessens the intensity of pain and strengthens the immune system. According to a 2003 study, more hugs are related to better cardiovascular health and less reactivity to stress.

Apparently some high schools have banned hugging, while others embrace it. If appropriateness is a problem there is always the safe “side-hug” to fall back on.

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Here’s probably my favorite music video. Music by DMB and a lot of hugs by a guy with some sweet sideburns.

What is your stance on hugging? Close friends and family only? New friends? Weird guys running around on the street? Trees? Personally, I like any opportunity for a good hug, as long as it feels safe. Granted, hugs with my wife are more frequent and last a little longer, but being able to hug someone is a sign that there is comfort there–some kind of positive connection.

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6 responses to “Hugs

  • derekstaff

    I’m a bit of a dichotomy. Love the hugs from my wife–can’t get enough of them. But from pretty much anyone else, I’m uncomfortable. Especially guys (subconscious homophobia? father issues? I’m not the psychologist…).

  • Bravone

    I love hugs and will take all I can get!

  • G

    I love hugs! people (male, female, family and friends, but usually not strangers), trees, dogs and cats, horses. We once had a boa constrictor who gave great hugs!

    I love kisses too. (but I never kissed the snake.)

  • Cathleen

    Close family and friends only for me. I get creeped out when I am touched by anyone not in that category, especially men.

  • Andrew S

    no hugs…it’s awkward from anyone.

  • Allie

    I’m not generally a huggy person. I love hugs from my Mister and my mom. Other than that, it really depends on the situation.

    I have gotten more comfortable hugging than I used to be.

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