LDS-related posts are still moving

I recently deleted my “best and worst Mormon quotes” post, because it has moved (and been improved quite a bit) to Mormon Matters. I realized that one of the reasons I started posting there was that I have many friends and readers of this blog who are not as interested in the Mormon stuff (just as I had earlier moved my personal stuff to a different blog, as well as all the baby photos (if you want links those, send me an email).

So, for the future, I will try to keep the solely-LDS posts at Mormon Matters, although I may at least announce here when I have a new post there. My new MM most: Best and Worst of Mormonism: Quotes!

So, if it’s a purely LDS topic, it will be there. If it’s a mixture Buddhism, Mormonism, Science, etc. then it may still go up here.

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