Home Theater Addiction

I’ve been slowly building the best inexpensive home theater possible. By best I mean not a set from a box at Wally World, and by inexpensive I mean on a grad student budget. I have also used a lot of credit card points. I also put everything on my Amazon wish list, then monitor the price for a while.

What I currently have:

37″ Vizio LCD

Panasonic DMP-BD35 Blu-ray player

Yamaha NS-C225 center speaker

Yamaha NS-333 speakers – these are currently in front, but will move to the back surrounds in the future. There is also a pair being used for regular surrounds.

Yamaha RX V663 7.1 Receiver

Still to come:

Yamaha NS-777 speakers (for the front).

Yamaha 10 inch sub. This will have to wait until we’re done with apartment life. Someday the Vizio will also be upgraded to a 1080p projector. Someday when I have something called a salary.
Anyone else have any materialistic proclivities?

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15 responses to “Home Theater Addiction

  • Steve

    I envy you! Oops, good thing you aren’t my neighbor, haha. We still have a CRT tv (20 some inches though!) and no Blu Ray. Having to be 220v compatible has kept me from going crazy with a home theater. In fact, when I was single, I had a better system than I do now! haha.

    BTW, my verification word is “sucker”, not sure if it is directed at me or you?!?!?! 🙂

  • adam

    Hahaha. I’m sure the “sucker” refers to me, and my embrace of material things!

  • Andrew S

    Addictions aren’t bad. You should give all of your equipment to me, and I’ll break you of that addiction :D.

    I would really like to be a smartphone connoisseur, but you know…for devices so small, they are rather expensive. Poor college students can’t afford that (and even if I could, I couldn’t in good faith pay the ridiculous monthly rates).

    So, I have a lot of phones that I look at but don’t touch. I’m saving my pennies though…

  • Allie

    If i had more money to spend, I’d buy clothes and garden stuff.

    (that is actually what I do spend my money on most of the time, but I’d like more)

  • Happy The Man

    I had a decent affordable HTS that I was happy with. My wife complained anytime I used it, said all the noise and shaking walls gave her a headache. So now since we’ve moved it sits in a box somewhere. No use setting it up if anytime I use it she gets in a bad mood, right?

  • adam

    Even with the sub turned down or off? We currently do not use a sub due to the apartment walls shaking.

    But yes, it’s not worth upsetting one’s spouse. 🙂

  • Chuck

    Did you ever finish the project? I was trying to search your blog but couldn’t find anything. I could help cowrite an artical on Home Theater Seating if you would like. I know a bunch.

  • adamf

    Home Theater seating, nice! No room right now, but a relative of mine just installed some of those a while back. Pretty slick, although the back row needs to be raised up a little…

    I ended up getting the sub, and have decided to wait on any bigger speakers for now, given the lack of space…

  • Chuck

    Yes, if you don’t put floor risers in, you end up staring at the back of the chair in front of you. I’ve only seen plywood covered in carpet, there might be a market for floor risers out there. I had a problem with the neighbors at our last place with our sub woofers, he liked to read and I like to watch the terminator really really loud 😦

  • home theater melbourne

    Yamaha make some very good speakers I love my home theater that i bought a few years back!

  • reggie

    you are off to a great start! keep it up!

  • shenpa warrior

    Thanks 🙂 The last thing I added were some Yamaha 777’s in the front. They look awesome. Every once in a while I get a chance to really turn them up and it’s pretty fun.

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