No God in School

…apparently leads to all kinds of things, including abortion, violent music, and the cessation of spanking your kids. Watch out! Anyone else get this email?

  1. God says he didn’t save all the kids who have been killed in school shootings because he isn’t allowed in school? Wha? What kind of God is that?
  2. We shouldn’t have organized prayer in public school. Keep it personal, or keep it in seminary. No one should be subject to be around open religious practice in a public school if they don’t want to be, especially when they’re a minority. I don’t want my son to feel like he has to pray to someone else’s Jesus just because everyone else is doing it.
  3. The video tries to suggest that the Bible is only full of common sense and wisdom, and therefore should be allowed in schools. Really? The intention here is not to Christianize public schools? Actually, I think the Bible should be allowed in school, right along with every other religious text, but in that case it should be used for academic purposes.
  4. Did Dr. Spock really say spanking would warp our kids’ personalities? It may not do that but it may make them more aggressive. This point really lost me. Is the cessation of spanking really a sign of the downfall of society? How about just better parenting?
  5. Teacher’s shouldn’t touch students? Isn’t that a good idea? If you need to touch a student it better be an emergency and require a restraint. Otherwise, does the video suggest that smacking them around a bit is a good idea?
  6. … and no spanking of the kids leads right to… ABORTION? wow where’s the missing link there?
  7. Giving out condoms is a bad idea? Granted, I definitely believe in abstinence for high-schoolers, but I believe even more in not making babies in high school! As a poster in my supervisor’s office says, “Become a High School Grad before you become a Quality Dad!” What the school nurse needs to do is tell the kids that the condoms may not work, and you may get pregnant anyway, so here’s where you can get other forms of protection.
  8. It doesn’t matter what people do in private, unless it affects other people. In that case I agree. Like if our POTUS was doing meth in the closet.
  9. BUT, this leads right to child porn right? Hmm.
  10. And child porn leads to bad music? Wow we’re taking a step back here.
  11. And this leads to our kids killing strangers. Now that’s a slippery slope!
Do you think organized prayer should be allowed in public schools?
Do you think not spanking is a bad idea?
What think ye?

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5 responses to “No God in School

  • Allie

    I prefer unorganized prayer. 🙂

    I also think spanking is generally a bad idea, but think that sometimes with very small children it’s an effective way to get across a message. Perhaps that’s a signal of poor parenting on my part, but we spank when our kids are learning about time out- they get a spanking when they get out with out permission.

    I dislike scare tactics, and I think this email is just scare tactics. (although child porn leading to bad music is an odd one)

  • Steve

    What silliness! But I’d like to make an abortion with the blond they show when talking about them, haha. KIDDING!

    I don’t think organized prayer should be in school for the same reason you listed. Religion should be kept seperate or if brought it, all of them brought in to discuss in an academic way of comparisons and understanding.

    I’m mixed about spanking. I think some children, due to their personality, only respond if physical harm is their motivation. Obviously, you hope they grow out of this. I was spanked with a belt once. I was very young and still recall it, but it kept me straight ever since! haha. But I find it hard to imagine doing that to my daughter, although there are times when I am frustrated or angry where I could see it escilating, should it be a much bigger situation, where a slap or spanking could quickly come out of my hands. Does that make me or other parents bad, no, I don’t think so, not if other solutions have been tried and fail.

  • Human being no. 4,460,957,153


    I disagree with the idea of organized prayer in schools. In fact, I don’t like that idea at all. What I do like is the idea of taking an OPTIONAL class, beginning any time after age 10, that presents objective informations about all the world religions. Education of religion in school is good. Practice of religion in school is bad. My opinion only. 🙂

    As for spanking, I wouldn’t like to NOT have the option to spank. My child has a very consistent system: a warning, another warning, a warning about going to time out, time out, a warning about spanking, and then a spanking. The few times she’s gotten to the spanking…! She needed it, and it worked.

    For spanking, though, I think 1-2 strikes is sufficient, I think an open palm is best (no belts!), and it should be over clothes and not on bare skin. In short, I don’t think a spanking should EVER injure a child.

    This was long. ‘Cause I’m in class. And I’m bored.

    Sentence fragments.


  • Anonymous

    Long ago I noticed that people who smack their dogs also seemed to spank their children. Dog or child, the corporal punishment was used to bully him into submission, or out of frustration over the moment. How terrifying it must be for the weaker party.

  • Human being no. 4,460,957,153

    Just for the record:

    I don’t have a dog, but if I did, and if it bit me or peed on the floor, I would probably smack it. I just don’t think a dog would “get” a heart to heart talk. I don’t think we can necessarily equate dog-smackers with child spankers. It’s a spectrum, not an absolute.

    My two cents,

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