B. Hussein Obama as a scary man, and other observations

Friend’s Facebook Update: “****** is MOVING OUT OF THE COUNTRY because of B. Hussein Obama!”

Me: “I wanted to move 8 years ago, but the world didn’t end like I thought it would. Regardless of how we feel about the new President, life will go on.”

Friend: “You are right, life will go on but I don’t want to live in a socialistic country! He is a very scary evil man who has fooled a lot of people!”

Me (trying really hard to be kind): “Wow, you have really strong feelings about it! It is interesting how we have all switched. I thought and still think that W. was scary and evil (well, mostly some people on his staff). So I guess the universe balances itself out. My condolences that you have that view of our new president. That is not a fun place to be. It was pretty rough on the other side of things for the past 8 years, so in a strange way I can understand how you are feeling.”

The reactions to my gay marriage stance have been mixed (although many people were kind and understanding, even if they disagreed, so thank you). Here’s one:
Friend #2: “Adam, you are KIDDING ON PROP 8 RIGHT?”
Me: “Did you read my blog?” (I had referred him here a few days ealier.)
Friend #2: “No, did you read the letter from the First Presidency?”
Me (once again trying to be kind): “Please read my blog.”
After some discussion I was given these questions: “Do you think the prophet is just a guy with some good ideas?” and “Do you believe God is Your God or do you believe that God is God of the whole world?”
I played with those a little but it is not fun to be manipulated. Why do we ask those types of questions to each other? I know I have, especially online. Why do many of us listen to manipulate rather than understand?
After pointing out that prophets can sometimes be wrong, e.g. that “Brigham Young was racist,”  he said, “Everyone was racist.” While I regretted bringing that up and continuing this type of discussion, I could not help but smile at the deep irony of his comment. “Everyone was racist.” Now once again, I don’t know what will happen 150 years in the future, but perhaps we as a people and a church will look back on today and excuse our current ideas with, “well, everyone was heterosexist.”

Finally, for Utahns, how in the holy name of Buddha did Chris Buttars get reelected? Who were the 18,000 people in South Jordan that voted him in again? Do they not like black babies either?


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7 responses to “B. Hussein Obama as a scary man, and other observations

  • George and WP

    Buttars opponent had it in the bag but then he used a performance of the latest Saturday’s Voyeur as a campaign event and handed out tickets. I saw sketches on You Tube and it was not only bad, it was disgusting. The Democrat guy really screwed up.

  • Salt H2O

    So basically there is no one in West Jordan sane enough to replace Buttars? That’s not good.

    And, I’m sick of idle threats to move out of the country. For the love of all that is good an holy if life is better elsewhere then move!

  • George and WP

    Sometimes it becomes overwhelming for me here in the Beehive state, but I can escape for short periods of time among the giant redwoods of the Northern CA coast.

    Give me the tree huggers and gentle people there over the RWNJ’s in the legislature anytime.

    This country is moving in a good direction. I think some of those who fear our new Muslim president will be pleasantly surprised in a few years.

  • Steve

    “so in a strange way I can understand how you are feeling”

    I couldn’t help but chuckle at your reply. Good job keeping a level head.

  • G

    I wish I had your wisdom, thoughtfullness and balance when discussing this subjects with friends and fam.

    I get suckerpunched by those manipulative rhetorical questions, and then turn and dish some of my own out as well.

  • adam

    Thanks. But really, I wish I was as good of an artist as you, G! 🙂 I have worked at not being defensive to these types of things (and other stuff) for at least the last 10 years. Now I am paying 50k for grad school to be trained in being non-defensive.

    And it’s still really hard. In some ways it is easier to do online, because I can really check what I am writing. At the same time, it has been difficult to discuss these issues with old friends whom I haven’t seen in a while. It is hard to have money in the emotional bank account with someone when it’s just words online, and I can’t pull out some sweet counseling skills to calm things down, lol.

    I usually want to dish out the punches back. Sometimes it is not easy to refrain, but that is really the theme of my whole blog, so I had better at least try! 😉

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