Piled higher & Deeper

Applying to PhD programs in the next few months (Clinical Psychology, unless otherwise noted). Possibly ordered in terms of preference:
  1. Utah
  2. North Carolina
  3. UCLA
  4. Utah State – Combined Clinical, Counseling & School Psychology
  5. Arkansas
  6. University of Nevada-Reno
  7. UC Santa Barbara – Combined Clinical, Counseling, & School Psychology
  8. BYU
  9. Indiana – Counseling Psychology
  10. Purdue – Counseling Psychology
  11. Nebraska – JD/PhD (Law & Clinical Psychology)
Wow, ‘UCLA, really?’ you say? After three months of non-stop vocab study and attempting to learn some math, I actually did pretty well on the GRE (entrance exam) — much better than I thought I was going to do. I Improved from 50th percentile on the verbal section (from 2 years ago) to 95th. I was so shocked when I got my score that my hands were shaking and I felt light-headed on the way home.

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21 responses to “Piled higher & Deeper

  • Anonymous

    Nice work on the GRE Adam! I hated that test. I vote for California, obviously for going to school. North Carolina is nice too (that’s where Matt’s family is), but ridiculously hot in the summer. I’ll be interested to hear how you like the PhD-seeking life. Good job again! -Bree

  • Allie

    I always knew you were smart!

    I’m impressed! Good luck with all the applications. I hope you go somewhere close to me. Idaho state would work, although really, who wants to live in Idaho? (At least it would only be temporary)

    The JD/PhD program would be cool too.

  • adam

    Bree – thanks! I actually looked at UCSB as well (it’s quite a bit nicer there than L.A., right?) but I’m not sure… kind of having difficulty keeping the list down, but at the same time I don’t want to risk not getting in somewhere… how many programs did you apply to originally?

    Allie – yeah, N wants to move close(r) to all the family as well… we’ll see I guess!

  • N

    That was such a good day, huh? I am very proud of you! 🙂

  • Emily

    Wow. I’m both impressed and inspired. If you’re done with those magic vocab flash cards can I borrow ’em? (unless you were going to sell them on Amazon for lots of money, which you should probably consider trying to do if you hadn’t already).

  • George and WP

    Not a bumptious thing here. Congratulations!

  • adam

    Emily – sure! The GMAT tests vocab? I can send them on Monday… can you email me your address?

  • wordsfromhome

    Well, I think you should draw concentric circles around your old family home and order your list according to how close grandmas will be to baby, with, of course, the top choice being the closest.
    Great job on the test!

  • adam

    Yes, of course we will take that into consideration, should we get into more than one school. : ) I’ve heard most people get into 1 out of 10, but we’re hoping to have a choice. Money is a factor as well… for example Arkansas has a full tuition waver and a 20-30k stipend per year. UCLA waves tuition, gives a 20k stipend, and pays for your health insurance. I guess we won’t know until the spring though.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Adam. Santa Barbara is super nice. It’s not like LA at all. I really recommend it, as long as you get funding (housing is a bit steep here). Anywhere along the central to northern coast of CA is really nice. I’ve always loved it.

    My old roommate is getting phd in clinical psychology with a focus in autism and I know that the autism program here is great. The other thing I know is that she works nonstop and is really busy. I don’t know if that’s par for the course in psych phds though. If you apply and get flown out, that would be fun to show you around.

    I applied to only three schools because I had strict preferences. I wasn’t going to go unless I got into the ones I wanted. Matt applied to about 10, but I know a few people that got up to about 35 or more schools. I think it’s great to do a lot of schools but it just takes a lot of time and money for application fees. The limit is based on what you want to put into it.

    It’s always hard to say if you’ll get in because it depends on the other people applying. For example, I applied the year I was on my mission as a backup and I didn’t get into UCSB, but the next year I did. Given your GRE score and experience though it sounds like you have a extremely good chance at any “backup” school you might choose. You probably don’t need a ton of them, in my opinion.

    Sorry to fill up your comment space. If you ever have any questions let me know. I’m excited for you guys. I think it will be great (and I secretly hope to have you guys move here so we could hang out). Take care.-Bree

  • adam

    I was just looking at UCSB again, and one of the profs I was thinking about working with has updated his profile, so there is a bunch more good info… I don’t know about Econ, but a lot of psych programs really stress that one’s interests should match that of a professor in the program…

    The program there is a combination of clinical-counseling-school psychology, but it looks like one chooses an emphasis… Also, there is some grad-student housing for about 1k a month, which isn’t too bad for SoCal.

    I can’t imagine applying to 35… how do you get that many letters of recommendation?

  • Stephen

    I didn’t realize BYU had a PhD program in psych.

    Interesting. A PhD in psych, one in wetlands conservation, biochem, chem engineering, and a number of psych areas.

    You are looking at some great schools. Hope you get admitted and find yourself in a program that fits you.

    Santa Barbara is a wonderful area — kind of like the garden of eden that most of us will always remain cast out of .

  • Cathleen

    Congratulations! It is nice to do well enough on your GRE to actually have some choices in where to go to school.
    I have tried to convince my son of that principle….hard work now means choices later. Way to go!

  • Anonymous

    It’s great if there’s a professor here you’d like to work with. I know that’s important in psychology (from what my roommate says) and although it’s helpful in econ, it’s not as prevalent.

    The married student housing is a really good deal actually. I always forget about it because we don’t live there. It’s relatively easy to get into once you’re on the waiting list. It sometimes takes a couple months but not too bad. We found an area that we like that’s close to the beach and just far enough from school that you don’t have to deal with the constant traffic (cars, bikes, people) over there. It’s a bit more expensive but worth it to us. I think you guys would really like it down here either way. You can’t beat the perfect weather year round and all the time outdoors. It’s a good break from being stuck behind a computer researching.

    But I’m sure there are a lot of other places that you would like as well, so I don’t want to persuade you based on weather :). -Bree

  • adam

    Cathleen – Thanks! Yeah, I hope I have some choices (preferably only 3 or 4, because I don’t know HOW I would choose between more than that!)

    Bree – Sounds really nice. And about the weather, it is part of our decision. 🙂 I.e. I eliminated Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Florida because of weather issues.

  • Papa D

    North Carolina really is beautiful, but Indiana is only a couple of hours from us. If that’s not an incentive . . . I understand completely. *grin*

  • Steve

    What!? No Ohio State!? 😉

  • adam

    Haha, I actually looked at Ohio State! They are “phasing out” their counseling psych program, and the clinical psych program doesn’t fit that well, so what can you do. 🙂

  • Steve

    Actually, I did hear about that. They just finished a 2-year review of the grad programs and are making dramatic changes. I’ve tried to convince a few people to come out here… I could use some more friends!! Good luck with the applications though!

  • hanndallfam

    Hey, I had to dig back in your archives to find this post. I intended to comment when you posted it, but life happens and…well, I’m finally getting to it. First of all- CONGRATS! WAY COOL that you did so well!! Kendall said, “Good for him!” when he read this. But, the problem we have is that USU is #8 on your list now! What’s going on? We thought we had an agreement that you’d be joining us out here soon. We’ve been saving up to buy the house across the street for you. 🙂 Bummed. That’s what I am. But glad that you did well and that you feel like you have more options opened to you.

  • adam

    Haha! Well, if you do still have that house reserved, and Kendall promises not to make any big career moves in the next 4-5 years, we’re totally in!

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