Actor says enough is enough!

British actress Keira Knightley (Pirates of the Caribbean) did not appreciate it when (in 2004) her breasts were enlarged on a promotional poster for a movie.
…the before and after… notice the tan enhancement as well…

Apparently these producers can’t help themselves because they’ve tried to do it again (for a new movie) and this time she put her foot down. Kudos to her and any actor that refuses dubious digital enhancement. That poor studio. What are they going to do with such an obdurate actor? Just think of all the revenue that smash hit King Arthur would have lost if they did not have such a pneumatic poster?
My favorite comment from the article:
“If the size of her breasts were so integral to the movie and marketing, then they should’ve hired an actress that had the requisite size.”

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5 responses to “Actor says enough is enough!

  • Salt H2O

    I admire any actress in this day of augmentation that has stayed true to her flat form.

  • Steve

    I’m not saying she couldn’t be helped with some cheeseburgers and more meat on her bones, but she is a gorgeous girl and if you ever see Domino, a good movie besides, you’ll see that her little fried eggs are just fine the way they are!!!

  • adam

    Wow Steve that analogy made me feel a little icky… but thanks for the plot summary! 🙂

  • Happy The Man

    I don’t have a problem with the photo shop editing. I also don’t have a problem with flat chested-ness. It’s not like they made her huge and firm and sensuous-like. It looks more like they were trying to remove the focus from her lack of endowment.

    The original photo is worlds better in every way: coloring, sharpness, clarity, etc. but I have to admit, being a man and all, the immodest leather macrame top she is wearing strongly accentuates her nothingness (almost begging the question, is there something wrong? – mastectomy or something else?, deterring the natural man’s attention away from whatever other subliminal messages they were trying to use/convey to draw people (likely a majority male audience) to the show. The altered photo, at least in the breast area, just makes her look more average, considering such a strappy costume.

    I applaud Keira Knightly for being comfortable enough with herself to not be exploited or bullied into going under the knife for cosmetics for Hollywood or anyone else, and for speaking out against the photoshop altering. I personally prefer al natural, even if it means zilch/nada up top. Tells me that the woman has a brain and is strong willed and isn’t going to let man’s appetite, popularity, prosperity or anything else compromise her values/principles or self esteem. She’s a beautiful woman and a great actress. I’m not thrilled to hear that she’s bared all per Steve (in Domino), kind of contradicts all of the nice things that I just said about her being strong and courageous. But then again, I suppose her morals and values aren’t the same as mine.

    From a pure photographic/artistic perspective, I’ll take the unaltered image.

  • Brandon

    While breasts are beautiful, I am glad that she is happy the way she is. I do appreciate her principled stand, but have to laugh that the only reason it is necessary is because she is wearing an outfit that calls attention to her sexual body parts. Wear something a little more body (and hunting/war) appropriate and it wouldn’t be an issue. Oh well, she’s pretty, I don’t mind looking.

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