Mamma Mia!

It has generally mixed reviews, but last night I saw Mamma Mia! and had probably the most fun I’ve ever had at a movie. Normally I don’t care about the rest of the audience at movies but it made this one feel like a live stage production. If you like musicals, and you can allow yourself to have some non-cynical fun, this one is highly recommended.

It started off with a trailer for HSM3, which I think was supposed to be a serious preview, but had the audience roaring (check it out around 0:53). The first High School Musical was bearable for a TV movie. This one (at least the trailer) looks unintentionally funny–never a good sign.

Back to the movie – Meryl Streep was really good. It was neat to see a 50-something actress carry a leading role that would normally go to someone 20 years younger, and do well at it. Pierce Brosnan was campy and does not have much of a voice, but I think he was aware of that fact so his singing parts feel like he intentionally hammed it up. The songs are all popular ABBA numbers–it’s immediately engaging. There was also a story but you’re not going to care once the musical numbers get going.

If you absolutely detest ABBA, you may not like this movie. Otherwise, GO! See it in a big crowd while you can, and go with someone who can let loose and have some fun!

A+: my expectations were lowered by the 53% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, so I was quite surprised by how entertaining it was. Mamma Mia! is rated 4.1.3 (PG-13) on Kids-in-mind for some sex-related humor.


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5 responses to “Mamma Mia!

  • Sheena McFarland


    I couldn’t agree with your review more. I haven’t laughed that long and that hard in a long time. It was great seeing you and Natalie and Liam again.

    Oh, and as promised, here are three alternatives for your Fox news feed: The Weekly Standard, The National Review and The Washington Times. All are very conservative and could easily fill that slot.

    I hope all is well back home, and I’m excited to see you again (maybe in Brazil!)


  • adam

    Thanks for the news ideas…

    We saw The Dark Knight on Sat. at the IMAX, and I really wish we had seen it before Mamma Mia! An amazing movie, for sure (and you HAVE to see it in IMAX) but I was depressed for two days afterward.

  • Steve

    Ha, I’m so old, I didn’t know what HSM3 meant and had to think about it for a few seconds!

    I heard that Pierce Bronsan’s singing is unbearable. Is that true? I saw a clip of his on the Daily Show when he was on the other night and he did sound pretty rough. The Standard and Review still maintain some level or reasonableness, but are as non-mainstream as The Nation is.

    Don’t feed the Washington Times. It’s written for people with a 6th grade education and they get their facts wrong all the time.

  • Papa D

    I’ve been trying to decide whether to see Mama Mia. Given your review, I probably will – but only after seeing TDK. My boys wouldn’t forgive me if I switched the order.

  • adam

    Steve – Yes, Brosnan’s singing is bad… what really makes it enjoyable, however, is his facial expressions during the song “S.O.S.”
    The audience was rolling in the aisles on that one… It’s not a great film in terms of the history of films, but it was very entertaining, and a lot of fun if you can let yourself go, and not worry too much about your masculinity, lol.

    Papa D – that’s a good idea. I’m actually thinking about seeing Mamma Mia! again now that I’ve seen Batman just to recover… Make sure you see it (TDK) in IMAX if possible though–it’s an amazing experience–definitely worth the extra few dollars.

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