10,000 Hits!

I would like thank my readers (and the hordes of people who have searched Google looking to remedy their shenpa but not found it here, lol sorry about that) who have contributed to my snobbery. Self high-five!

In recognition of this scintilla of an achievement, I have added a third column (to the left) containing all sorts of interesting political, tech, movie, and science links.  Please leave a comment if there are any sites or blogs that I could add to it, or any that you like.


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8 responses to “10,000 Hits!

  • Salt H2O

    Glad to see my 6 readers made a difference.

  • adam

    Hah – yeah they did. I used to have 3 1/2 readers, now I have 5 1/2, so perhaps I converted two of them.

  • Happy The Man

    I’ve never been here yet after my first visit you post 10,000 hits and I’m wondering, did I contribute to that…

    I read some of your blogs, got me thinking and you’ve made some good points. The “after all we can do” post really made me think.

    I also read “A letter from my sister”. I agree with what was said. I’m certainly far from being the person I need to be but I think I’m improving over time (my wife is constantly helping me to be more open minded). In the end, the really is no such thing as “selective charity” right?

    I’ve put you on my blog roll, plan to read more when I have more time (typically Saturdays as my weekend job glues me to a computer all day).

  • adam

    Hey thanks for the link. And I think you did put my counter over the top. : ) I linked to your blog as well.

  • Hill Family

    Gratz! That’s exciting that so many people are interested in what you have to say! That’d be enough to give me way too big of an ego! 🙂

  • adam

    Yeah, it does stroke the ego a little, although I am acutely aware that probably half of those visitors came for less than a second. 🙂

  • Papa D

    Adam, since I check your blog every day, do I get a special prize?

  • adam

    Hey you should get something… I just put up a “Top Commenters” widget in the left column and apparently you’re #4.

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