Mormon Matters: A letter from my sister…

Perhaps our feelings about tomorrow’s letter were abreacted in last week’s [on Mormon Matters] diverse and sporadically acerbic discussion. My purpose in this post is to highlight some of the feelings and views of one who is connected to many aspects of the Church’s political action regarding gay marriage. My sister Emily is a lawyer in California, and gay (also kind, witty, and sagacious, but that is beside the point). Her journey through life has had a positive and profound impact on my family and I. I have learned a lot from her, but this issue specifically has inspired me to be more thoughtful and considerate of those who are different from my straight white male middle-class American self (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

I have often contemplated on the thought that members with gay friends or family often seem to feel differently than those who do not (or who are not aware of it). The following is from an email regarding this topic she recently sent to the rest of our family and some friends.  Continue reading…


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