Glenn Beck’s Conservatism or: Am I Really a Moderate?

As a former democrat, current so-called “conservatively liberal moderate,” and member of the “Vague Center” on the Bloghive, I have often wondered if I’m not really just a wolf (or donkey) in sheep’s clothing (what is the animal for moderates anyway?)  A church-going, ban-prayers-in-school believing, birth-control supporting political fugazi. I recently read this article by everyone’s favorite (lol) Glenn Beck, on what conservatives believe. I decided to put some of my thoughts next to his to see just how moderate (conservative?) I really am…

1. “A conservative believes that our inalienable rights do not include housing, healthcare or Hummers.”

I believe that there should be no poor among us, that government should not have to step in with their flawed programs (like Medicaid), that we should all be picking up our neighbor when they fall. However, this is obviously not happening. Too many of us are selfish, and too many are lazy. I do think we all have a right to a new Prius, however. Or maybe just a Segway.

2. “A conservative believes that our inalienable rights DO include the pursuit of happiness. That means it is guaranteed to no one.”

I agree with this, sort of. I believe happiness is not a right, and is developed in the mind once one’s basic needs are met. I think basic needs are a right, according to one’s ability.

3. “A conservative believes that those who pursue happiness and find it have a right to not be penalized for that success.”

I do not believe that wealth = success. And those who follow this Epicurean mantra will never be satisfied (just ask my wife about my DVD collection). Also, if the wealthy are not sharing willingly with the poor and the widows and the orphans, I have no problem with some of their wealth being taken from them.

4. “A conservative believes that there are no protections against the hardship and heartache of failure. We believe that the right to fail is just as important as the chance to succeed and that those who do fail learn essential lessons that will help them the next time around.”

I agree, to an extent. We must have the freedom to fail. We must not take away life lessons from our children, or anyone else, for that matter. However, when does failure become a destruction of one’s life?

5. “A conservative believes in personal responsibility and accepts the consequences for his or her words and actions.”

Me too.
6. “A conservative believes that each of us has a duty to take care of our neighbors. It was private individuals, companies and congregations that sent water, blankets and supplies to New Orleans far before the government ever set foot there.”
YES!!!! The only problem is, many do not have decent neighbors. Or their neighbors are in the same condition they are.
7. “A conservative believes that debt creates unhealthy relationships. Everyone, from the government on down, should live within their means and strive for financial independence.”
YES! Anyone listen to Dave Ramsey?
Lastly, if anyone has any sort of “Liberal” or “Progressive” creed that I could do a similar exercise with, please let me know.

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4 responses to “Glenn Beck’s Conservatism or: Am I Really a Moderate?

  • Salt H2O

    I LOVE Glenn Beck.

  • Papa D

    I really like most of what Glenn Beck says, but I hate titles that tend to force people into boxes that just don’t fit my belief in balance. I’m best described as a moderate – which means most people don’t agree with me on something. I’m fine with that.

  • jayacg17

    “I have no problem with some of their wealth being taken from them.”
    …Really? What about their Free agency?

  • adam

    Can you expound on that a little?

    Does “free agency” include the freedom from responsibility?

    On the other hand, I can see the point, and it could be applied to something like abortion, i.e. abortions should be legal because otherwise we’re taking away agency.

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