David Cook vs. George W. Bush

97.5 million people voted on American Idol on Tuesday night. 122 million voted in Presidential election in 2004. Should we open up the election to 13 year-olds? Make the candidates sing? Might get the vote out more that way. Or maybe if one could just text message the word vote to “PRES OBAM” “McCA” or “CLIN” more people vote. ; )


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7 responses to “David Cook vs. George W. Bush

  • Papa D

    While I agree with the (perceived) cynicism, I can’t help but note that 97.5 million people didn’t vote; 97.5 votes were cast.

    Having said that, this system probably compares favorably with the local elections in Chicago over the years. “Vote early; vote often; count the votes of the dead.”

  • adam

    Yeah, I guess people can vote multiple times as long as it is from a different phone #.

  • adam

    Actually, I was feeling more amused than cynical… I don’t actually think MORE people should vote in major elections if they are just going to do it haphazardly.

  • Sara

    Its inteesting that I found this post today, ironic even. I’m in a psychology class right now and my proffesor brought up this very topic, and I guess its been in the news quite a bit, so maybe its not that ironic, but to my point, its probably a good thing that voting for the president is a little more difficult than just texting in your prefference, or we might end up with Kelly Clarkson as the next president.

  • adam

    People can really vote as many times as they want on the same phone? (I was just reading about it). That’s crazy! What about all these teens that have unlimited texting? Kind of makes the votes pointless. I think they should limit it to one vote per phone #.

    I guess more people actually did vote for W over David Cook. Whew. I was worried there for a second.

  • Steve

    Ya, I’m pretty sure between me and my roommates we logged darn near 1,000 votes for David A. Ya, ya, ya, we were probably the only males over 20 on the planet voting for him, but whatever, we still had fun.

    I’m now going to find something masculine to do. 😉

  • adam

    Ha! I knew it was a sham, lol. 🙂

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