Not In Portland* – Day 1

I arrived in Honolulu today for the American Counseling Association Conference. I’ll be here about six days, four for the conference, and two for some sweet vacation time.  I don’t think today counts as a vacation day, because it was the first time I ever thought I wanted to die.  I’ve been recovering from a cold, and endured probably the worst pain (from sinus pressure) I have ever felt in my life, for about 45 minutes, twice (as the plane descended). Granted, there are much more painful things in the world, but this was bad.  If I had known it was going to be this bad, I would not have come.  Some nerves in my face were being pinched as well, so not only did my head feel like it was being run over, but also like someone was drilling a hole in it above my left eye–only without the pressure relief. There is always good to be learned from suffering, as much as I detest it. I can now choose to be a little softer, a little more compassionate. I hope. I also hope it clears up before I fly home next week.

In some lighter news, Miss Idaho was sitting in the row behind me (on the first half of the trip)–going to Seattle, I think, for a pageant. She wasn’t donning the headwear on the plane, but she still managed to stand out a little–probably the only passenger with a tan, wearing a dress, and speaking in complete sentences… Also, our flight number was “851,” and I was headed to “the Island.” Not exact, but eerily close eh? I was also able to watch some X-Files (“Scully!”) and read some New Moon (“Bella!”)

We took a shuttle from the airport, which was going fine until “some bloke” (according to an Aussie sitting in the row behind me) started complaining about the lack of air conditioning. Some others started chirping as well, and finally the driver decided he’d had enough, so he pulled into a parking lot, and said we could all wait for another shuttle! Boo hoo. Bus driver doesn’t want to play anymore. We all coaxed him back on the bus, and he agreed to finish the route… Seriously, if you’re saving money riding the airport shuttle on a tropical island, can you REALLY demand air conditioning?

I ended up getting off a the wrong hotel, and decided to walk to the right one. The receptionist at said wrong hotel said a taxi would cost $15 so I told her I was going to walk (“Shall I have Snotty beam you down Sir?” “Forget it. Forget it. No more beaming. This time I’m gonna walk!”) When I asked for a map she said “Well, if you ARE going to walk, it’s at LEAST a mile and a half.” Do I look that old/out of shape/rich? It was a nice walk, and I found the right hotel. Even better, said right hotel is very close to my favorite restaraunt of all time, “Curry House,” also known as CoCo Ichiban in Japan. MMmmm. I had some for dinner and it was delicious.

Back at the hotel, I tried to go to the pool, but it was closed.  In desperation I bought a Ben & Jerry’s “Cookie Dough Ice Cream on a Brownie with a Thick Drizzle of Milk Chocolate Coating” ice-cream bar.  It too, was delicious.  I also bought some toothpaste.  Way more than I’ll be able to use in a week.

*See Lost Episode: “Not in Portland”


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5 responses to “Not In Portland* – Day 1

  • N

    I’m sure glad you survived the flight and were able to escape “said” hotel and find the correct one. 🙂 Enjoy your tropical weather- the maintenance man just went by with a shovel here. You know what that means.

  • Papa D

    sinus pain vs. being in Honolulu — Hmmm. If the pain is only for one day, I think I would take it to be in Hawaii right now. Empathy is difficult right now – unless the pain continues for another day.

  • adam

    It was still bothersome last night (but not like it was on the plane), but this morning it’s a little better.

    Re: empathy – I do realize it’s hard to garner much of it when I’m complaining about “said” pain (lol n) from an island, while other people are dealing with more snow, lol.

  • hanndallfam

    You are reading the Twilight series?! Love, love those books! Kendall has had that horrible pain from sickness on a plane happen too, except his was in his ears…he swears he couldn’t hear right for a day or two. Dramatic. 🙂
    Hope you are enjoying Hawaii!

  • adam

    N is reading them too, she’s ahead of me though. For a teenage vampire romance, I must admit they’re pretty entertaining books.

    I’m loving it here so far. Other than a stroll on the beach this morning trying not to get too lonely without N, seeing all the other cavorting couples.

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