Is this really happening? Has Utah really gone that nuts?

According to this article, a new law (that will go into effect in 2009) will make it a misdemeanor “to conceal, harbor, transport or shelter undocumented immigrants.” (And what the heck is the difference between “sheltering” and “charitable assistance”? (which will be allowed…))

Why are we not outraged by this? I REALLY REALLY REALLY do not like Nazi comparisons, but this one really just hits you over the head with it, doesn’t it. Yuck. Not only that, local police will be enforcing immigration laws… Possibly the DUMBEST idea I’ve ever heard of… So not only will these people be living secretly in someone’s attic, but if they see a crime (or are a victim to one) they won’t report it. Great. Good one Utah. You really ****** up this time.

Sorry about the strong word(s). I just feel that strongly about it. Please tell me where I’m wrong. Or that I’m dreaming. Or that I’m on something… I want the immigration problem fixed as much as the next person. But I DO NOT think the above law is ANY good AT ALL.


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One response to “Is this really happening? Has Utah really gone that nuts?

  • WP

    What about the guy I gave a ride to on Branscomb Road to Willits? He was so alien he had Brown skin and pointy ears. I knowingly transferred him, gave him money and helped him to a place where he could meet his hermanos para trabajo. I would be prosecuted, right?

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