Some wacky news, and my amended top 5 movies for 2007

  • A groom’s mother thinks there should be alcohol at her son’s wedding. My favorite line: ” I feel very strongly that it’s not fair to expect people to attend a reception and tell them they can’t drink.” Are receptions really that bad, that we have to liquor up in order to enjoy them? Maybe, if they’re not your own, in which case you can get by on just painkillers (from all the standing).
  • The Y kicks a baseball player out of school because he only made it to 6 out of 11 church meetings, and he didn’t ask for a calling (responsibility) in this ward fast enough. Yikes. What happened is his bishop revoked his “ecclesiastical endorsement,” which every student there needs to attend. Could someone have warned this guy after he missed his first or second meeting? I think the bishop needs an “ecclesiastical review.” (UPDATE: the higher-ups stepped in and let him back in.  Thank goodness.)
  • Never mind that California taxpayers had to shell out 25k to pay for Britney Spears’ motercade to the psych ward, she’s helping the economy. Every time she does something strange, the revenue of tabloid shows and paparazzi goes up. Sad. But maybe she’s helping the economy more than the rebate will.
  • Fred Phelps‘ anti-gay church protested at President Hinckley’s funeral, because he was a “gay enabler who suggested that God loved everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation.” You know you lived a good life when delusional nutjobs are protesting at your funeral. God loves everyone. Even Fred Phelps.

Movies: my amended top 5 movies for 2007…
1 – Amazing Grace
2 – Hairspray
3 – No Country for Old Men – Full of despair, terror, humor, and ambiguity–Not unlike real life.
4 – Once – It will make up for the despair induced by No Country.
5 – Juno – The writing was really good. Not one to see with your mother, however.


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4 responses to “Some wacky news, and my amended top 5 movies for 2007

  • wordsfromhome

    Do you mean as a mother I should not see your #5 movie, or just that you would not want to see it with your mother? It appeared to be a worthwhile flick from the little I have heard of it.

  • adam

    Ha ha. : ) I mean you would not want to see it with your mother present… There is lot of innuendo and slang in the dialogue that would be uncomfortable in the presence of one’s mother. It’s a great movie though.

  • M.A

    I loved Juno. I think I would prefer not to see it with either of my parents. Though I think they might enjoy it. Not sure.

    I’m just waiting for No Country for Old Men to come out on DVD or iTunes Rental.

  • WP

    saw Amazing Grace last night and it was as worthwhile a movie as I have seen in a long time. I found parallels to our own day, i.e. the plight of exploited Latinos in the US as well as the inherent ethnic prejudices of the British and American empires.

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