Cloverfield: What the U.S. Godzilla Should Have Been

Don’t let the fact that the above picture isn’t shaking deceive you. This is a stomach-pain inducing movie. I went into it knowing that would be the case, and did pretty well until the end when we were walking out of the theater. Suddenly the normal non-shaking world seemed disorienting.

I have not seen the Blair Witch Project, so the home video style was new to me. It was quite effective in making the terror and violence all the more real. I thought it probably should have been rated R for that. [PLEASE NOTE: that is not an endorsement of the MPAA.] The shaky camera may have been a little gimmicky, but it worked well, and it was WAAAAY better than Godzilla (not better than Gojira, mind you, but the 2000 American version).

Thanks to my nephew J for recommending this movie. It was quite entertaining. Also, any movie with references to a guy leaving for Japan gets a few automatic points.

My Rating: B+


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One response to “Cloverfield: What the U.S. Godzilla Should Have Been

  • J & S

    You’re welcome! I thought it was an A- though. It would have been A if it hadn’t made me sea sick halfway through (also sick from all the blood and gore).

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