I’m Reagan! Nooo I’m Reagan! I’m Change! Nooo, I’m Change! … and a site that actually counts the delegates accurately.

So went the debates in SC. The bright spot (debate-wise) for the Republicans was Ron Paul, notably when he pointed out that since Republicans have been in power, big government and spending have actually increased. Of course, Romney had to throw a jab at that, losing more points in my book. Plus we both found it really annoying that they couldn’t invoke Reagan’s name enough. Stop it already. He’s dead. You are not him. Yes, he was a President. And so was Truman. And no, he was not Carter. If someone mentions Reagan or Carter again I’m going to vomit. We get it already.

The Dems haven’t done much better. Their debate (last week) was a contest to see who could say the word “change” the most. Ugggh. Maybe it’s the debate format… I definitely like listening to Obama the most. If that was the sole criterion, I’d vote for him today. Or maybe Fred Thompson, who also has a nice gruff voice… How about an Obama/Thompson “swanky voice” ticket?

I also saw some glimpses of why so many people detest Hillary Clinton. When she gets excited about something she starts sounding really mean–more than any candidate I have listened to (note: Ron Paul sounds whiny when he’s excited). Maybe it’s sexism. When a man speaks forcefully, he sounds serious or strong, but when a woman does it she’s mean… Something to ponder anyway. A friend of mine noted that the first women to do anything must be a little gruff by necessity.

Finally, I found a decent site for tracking the delegate race. CNN’s “Election Center” is strangely inaccurate (they still say Romney is leading, do they not know how to count?) and Fox’s You Decide 2008 is confusing. CNN even lists delegates from caucuses that have not yet taken place… Is this news coverage really lame or am I missing something here? MSNBC appears to be the only one that is accurate.


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2 responses to “I’m Reagan! Nooo I’m Reagan! I’m Change! Nooo, I’m Change! … and a site that actually counts the delegates accurately.

  • Salt H2O

    The only thing that is more annoying are political pundits acting like psychics, constantly trying to ‘predict’ the race.

    “Right now McCain was the front runner, yesterday Rudy was the front runner, but Mitt is currently in the lead and the race for the republicans are wide open.”

    Wouldn’t it be refreshing if newscasters and pundits talked about this issues instead of trying to sway political opinion with their ‘predictions’?

  • adam

    Wow, now that’s an idea! We should be so lucky. Maybe if they talked about the issues, the public might actually learn something from them.

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