Utah Jazz crowd tries to show off its redneck-ness

How did Jazz fans manage to boo Derek Fisher, one of the classiest guys in the NBA? Maybe it’s because we’re all depressed. Who knows. How did they manage to boo Fisher and not Kobe? Does that make sense?

Fisher was even more impressive in his reaction:
“I’m choosing not to make a comment about the crowd reaction. . . . I’ll think about what happened, but that’s about all the attention I want to give it, really.”

Wow, Jazz fans. We should be ashamed of ourselves.

Others agree (from the Trib comments, which I usually can’t stand, but this time were therapeutic):
“That was tacky and classless, and now Jazz fans are the ones getting booed by public opinion around the league. Many people cheered Fisher, but others booed, and that’s all Fisher will remember.”

“I am a loyal Jazz fan and am personally ashamed of those so-called fans at the game, who from the willfully stupid empty center of their souls, booed Fisher. You are an embarrassment to yourselves and to your city.”

“You booed a man who chose his daughter over our beloved Jazz. On national TV no less. Now the entire country can see what a*****es we really are. The man should have received a standing ovation when he was introduced. Instead we treat him worse than we did Kobe after he raped some chick…..don’t we pride our community on our family values?”

–“some chick?” Ok, maybe that guy is a redneck too.–

“Jazz fans, as a group, have very little class. It’s evident in things like chanting “Lakers Suck” while they’re being handed a serious beat down. I hate the Lakers as much as the next guy, but act like you’ve been there already. Occasionally our fans make Philly fan look like a class act. Last night was one of those occasions.”

“So Cal Jazz fan here. Love the Jazz, hate the stinkin’ Lakers and I also hate the fact that our classless fans are getting more attention than one of my favorite Jazz teams ever. Oh well, nothing Utahn’s love more than “National ATTENTION!!!”—To Fish, God Bless you and your family! Thanks for the memories and give your daughter a hug in the name of so many Jazz fans who appreciate what you did in your time in SL.”


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One response to “Utah Jazz crowd tries to show off its redneck-ness

  • Concrete Fiction

    I was also shocked by the self-centeredness and stupidity by those fans. In my experience, sports fans across Utah have some problems, not just Jazz fans.

    Utah fans are among the biggest group of bandwagon jumpers I’ve ever seen. I was amazed during the 2004 U of U football season when suddenly Salt Lake was painted in red, Rice-Eccles stadium was packed and people talked about Ute football like they had been die-hards their whole life. I even knew some former Cougar boosters (fence sitters, I learned) who were suddenly donning sweatshirts with a red block ‘U’ on them. Where is the unilateral support for the Utes now? I don’t know, but the stadium didn’t get close to sold out at any game this year, nor was the passionate support ever felt around the community since the team won the Fiesta Bowl. Same goes with the support of the Jazz over the past decade.

    Also, they are totally immature. Now I may have pelted Cosmo Cougar in the eye with a snowball at one home game against BYU, but I was thirteen at the time. I wrote recently about the grown-with-family-guy who punched my young teenage friend in back of the head when BYU was getting trounced at home once. A BYU fan broke a Ute fans nose at this years game. I’ve seen Ute fans say some very vulgarly disrespectful comments to BYU fans about their religion. And nobody in Utah loves Karl Malone anymore, not after he left the Jazz for the Lakers (a better opportunity to get a championship ring in the twilight of his career) after Larry Miller publicly declared the Jazz were rebuilding.

    Utah sports have a lot of self-righteous, classless fools as fans. That includes my fellow Ute fans. I think it has some to do with an inferiority complex about how they are perceived by the rest of the world. And when someone like Fisher leaves them, they take it personally.

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