Shenpa in Real Life

I feel shenpa when:

Other drivers cut in front of me without using their signal. When my head itches during a counseling session. When I read about republicans who care more about corporations than individuals. When individuals care more about issues than relationships. When democrats care more about rights than responsibilities. When I am labeled. When people tell me war is good for the economy. When church people care more about fuzziness than reality. When I have a headache. When I tell someone about a very personal experience, and they mock me behind my back. When I have a hangnail. When people care more about being funny than being polite. When someone tells me I need to do something differently. When I’m hungry and there’s a tasty donut in front of me. When an 11 year-old boy in Sunday School answers all of my questions with “video games!” When I see a group of driving hooligans yell at an old man trying to cross a busy street. When I don’t feel like studying. When someone else tells me what I believe.


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