iPod touch is crippled

I didn’t want a full PDA. I didn’t want an iPhone. All I wanted was a functional calendar on my iPod. As a long-time Apple fan, it is disappointing that they would intentionally cripple a product. When the new iPod touch was first announced, it was said that you could enter new calendar events on the device itself. Apparently Apple just backtracked and now you can’t. They don’t want it to be a PDA, they said. Isn’t this false advertising? A ‘bait and switch’ for those who have already ordered it? I’m not boycotting. I just don’t want one anymore. Apple is trying really hard to put themselves in the same category as Microsoft or Wal-Mart, as in, companies that are NOT cool.

An iPod (ex?)user from the message boards:
“I can just picture the scenario–I’m at the orthodontist, scheduling the kids’ next appointments. I pull out my beautiful, expensive iPod, check the really cool calendar and come up with a day we are available. Then I pull out my Post-It note pad, scribble the new appointment and stick it to my iPod Touch, so I can enter the appointment when I get home.”


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4 responses to “iPod touch is crippled

  • ashergrey

    It’s running mobile OS X… I give it two months before there’s a full-fledged 3rd party calendar app for the touch. Hell, just go get the iPhone version on the Internet and overwrite the default copy on the touch.

    Also, Apple is far from the new MS or WalMart.

  • adam

    I came off pretty whiny, didn’t I. : ) Really though, I’ve been spoiled by Apple for so long that I expect everything to be just the way I want it.

    How do you like the iPhone, btw?

  • ashergrey

    Not without its foibles, but all things considered, it’s the best phone/handheld device I’ve ever owned.

    I fully expect that once Apple-sanctioned 3rd party development is greenlighted and hardware supports 3g wireless networking, the things will become as standard issue as Razrs.

    Now lets just hope Apple gives us an AppleTV with 1080i and Dolby 5.1!

  • adam

    That would be reason enough for me to finally get a plasma. Maybe if I sold my car…

    It’s just hard to come up with $1800 for a 42″ Panasonic (add another 3-5k for a sweet sound system) when one is in grad school with a baby. By the time I can afford one, 1080i will be old news.

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