Applauding the Episcopal Bishop of Utah

I really didn’t want to give this DVD (an Evangelical group’s magnum opus about what they think mormons believe and why we’re going to hell) any more coverage than it already has received, but this refreshing letter to the Salt Lake Tribune deserves attention:

“I was appalled to read your front-page story… on the Christian evangelicals’ crude attempt to “shake Mormons’ faith.” This is a hurtful form of evangelism, as I am sure many other denominations and faith traditions would agree. It does not speak well of one’s own faith community to attack the faith of others – apart from being an inaccurate piece of work. I hope all of us will promote our own faith traditions in a positive and inviting way and not at the expense of others.”
The Rt. Rev. Carolyn Tanner Irish
Episcopal Bishop of Utah

I don’t know Rev. Irish personally, but I already have a huge amount of respect for her. None of us should ever promote our views by attacking others. “Postive and inviting” methods are always welcome.


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2 responses to “Applauding the Episcopal Bishop of Utah

  • Anonymous

    I have met Bishop Irish myself, and found her to be an intelligent, well-educated, thoughtful, and compassionate person.

    Her stance on respecting the faith of others, including those of the Latter-Day Saints, is especially fair, considering that she herself left the faith of her prominant LDS family many years ago, before joining the Episcopal church. Leaving the Mormon Church is typically frowned upon among the members and hierarchy, particularly those of such historical and social importance as the Tanner family.

    Her letter to the Salt Lake Tribune is exactly what I would expect from such a compassionate and intelligent woman.

  • adam

    Anonymous – I did not know until recently that she was formerly LDS. That is a great insight that really displays even further her goodness. What a great example for the rest of us when interacting on religious issues.

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