plural identities

An editorial in the U. newspaper yesterday was written about a speech by Amartya Sen. He talked about the importance of embracing all of our identities. Exclusion and hostility result when we see ourselves (and others) only as red or blue, gay or straight, member or non-member, etc. Obviously we all have differences, even among close relationships. We don’t need to eliminate our identities, but we do need to recognize that we and others are more than a single label, and if we thought about it for a few minutes, we’d probably find significant things in common with almost everybody. I guess I’ll try this out next time someone cuts me off on the freeway by thinking, “hey, maybe we both like pizza.” That sounds sarcastic I guess but my point is that we can all do better to relate in positive ways to each other. With so many identity/aggression fueled problems in the world, we have a responsibility to practice peace on an individual level.


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7 responses to “plural identities

  • Emily

    this reminds me I have a book by Amartya Sen I haven’t yet gotten around to reading, but I should put it in my LibraryThing and maybe I will be reminded to read it.

    Excited about your blog and the prospect of a more frequently open window into some of your thoughts, bro!

  • WP

    Bienvenido, soy feliz sobre esto mi hijo!

  • wordsfromhome

    I have been enjoying the observations of other bloggers that you also follow and am pleased to know that I will be able to enjoy yours as well.


    Welcome, shenpa warrior. I look forward to getting to know you better. Regarding your post: the root meaning of “respect” is to see. If we really see one another, we in turn respect one another.

  • Sheena McFarland

    I’m so glad that even more people are going to be able to read and share into your insights on life. I know they’e been a majorly positive influence in mine.

    I’m excited to be able to get a peep into that mind of yours on a more regular basis. Great first entry, and I can’t wait for the next!

  • adam

    Thanks everyone for your responses. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. : )

    C, that is a great point. The amazing thing is, all we have to do is be willing to ‘see,’ as you put it, the commonalities we have with those around us.

  • Charles

    Truer words have never been spoken, Adam. 🙂

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